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Automation = Freedom

September 11, 20223 min read

Can your business run without you? 

When you engage with automation you effectively start creating freedom. 

One of my favorite (and most painful to hear) one-liners is this..

"You can have control or you can have growth, but you can’t have both." 

I learned that from Craig Groeschel from, and that has stuck with me for years. 

We all want to grow, but unless we start to relinquish some control, we'll continue to be stuck in the same spot.

Luckily, we can apply a little cheat code by leveraging automation.

That allows us to have preset control elements in place, but having them automatically fire, even while you're sleeping. 

What does automation allow you to do? 

We found the most important 3 things automation allows you to are: 

  1. Focus on Strategy

  2. Become a Better Leader

  3. Deliver Consistent Experiences 

Here are a few things you can start doing today to give you freedom: 

  • Calendar bookings + reminders 

  • Missed call SMS replies 

  • Pipeline Stage Changes

Appointment Reminders: 

You need at least 5 reminders for your calendar.

This might sound like an overkill, but this ensures your client or prospect doesn't forget your meeting. You'd be surprised how may times we get thanked for having this system for busy clients that would have otherwise have forgotten, or it missed showing up on their calendar. 

In our busy world, it's important to have EMAIL and TEXT reminders that are to the point, but personalized. 

Below is a graphic of the 5 personalized but automated appointment reminders. 

automation reminders

If you're using Genie Rocket, simply click on AUTOMATION, then CREATE NEW WORKFLOW, then choose the APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION + REMINDER recipe! 

Appointment Reminder

Missed Call SMS Replies:

Think of all the calls you miss because you are on the other line, away from the office or just missed getting to the phone in time. 

With automation, you can automatically fire off a text messages to any calls that get missed. 

This helps start new conversations and shows your customer or prospect that you are on top of it. 

To set this up in Genie Rocket: Simply click on settings, then on the bottom, click the text box that says "Enable missed call text back".

SMS Automation

Pipeline Stage Changes:

Map your sales process and automate messages in-between stages. Whether your sales process is complex or simple, it's important to map it out and visualize all your deals in different phases of your sales process. 

We like to follow Coach Burt's process in our sales pipeline: 

  • Hit List

  • Farm Club

  • Red Zone

  • Showcase

What becomes powerful, is when your deal moves into a different stage, that can automatically send texts or emails! 

For example, you've been working on a deal for a while and they start to show hot buying signals, so you move them into the "Red Zone." Once they get into the "Red Zone" they might get a message with some urgency or scarcity to help them make a decision. 

You can set this up in your pipeline CRM tool, and below is an example of how we have it setup in Genie Rocket

If you do Have Genie Rocket, simply click on automations, start new workflow, start from scratch, and make the TRIGGER the pipeline and pipeline stage you want your action to be triggered on, then click to plus sign to add the text, email or voicemail drop you'd like the prospect to get! 


Automation Pipeline Changes

The recap here are the three things you can start doing today to give yourself more freedom: 

  • Calendar bookings + reminders 

  • Missed call SMS replies 

  • Pipeline Stage Changes

If you don't have a tool that can do this, check out Genie Rocket.

🎉 Bonus Video Training Here: 

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