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How to Define Your Dream Niche Client

August 17, 20221 min read

Have you ever heard the phrase "niche will get you rich"? 

One of my mentors PREACHED that phrase, and even wrote a book "Scale with Speed" and that was one of the principles in the book. Finding a Niche! 

When you become an expert in your field, you can generate more profit, focus on a more specific problem, create more demand and desire. 

How to select your dream client.

  1. Make a list of all types of businesses you've had success with

  2. Which business niche or sub-niche are they in? 

  3. What was their core problem you helped them solve?

  4. Do you have a story or reason for wanting to help more businesses in that same category? 

  5. What kind of specific solution did you apply for them and is it repeatable? 

  6. What results did you generate? 

Business Types:

  1. Local Business / Service

  2. Software as a Service

  3. Courses / Digital Content

  4. eCommerce / Physical Products

  5. Coaching / Consulting

  6. Online / Global Services

  7. Events

The next step is to start creating content and marketing that highlights you as the expert and showcasing the results you've achieved with that category!

Now you have your dream client created, download the free guide below to start generating traffic.

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Brad Parnell

I believe every business needs a clear message, an effective sales funnel, and ONE tool to manage it all! That tool is Genie Rocket. I help business builders learn how to get more leads and sales through easy marketing tips. I also like to hang with my awesome family, ride my Onewheel, drive my Jeep and have outdoor adventures!

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