How to Create More Sales Conversions on Auto Pilot

August 18, 20224 min read

Is the fortune REALLY in the follow-up or is that just what we nod our heads to in unison as we hear that phrase?

It almost becomes like a religious one-liner, at least for me, that you hear the words but lose the truth behind the words.

After trying it my own way with sticky notes and awkwardly timed and worded followups, I decided it was time to get serious about seeing if the FORTUNE was truly in the FOLLOWUP. 

Shocker... It was true! 

Even as I write this, I remember just last night, I wrote a follow-up email and woke up this morning to a new sale from that email. 

My partner, Coach Micheal Burt, has what he class the LEGACY SELLING SYSTEM, which is a remarkable framework for categorizing your leads and creating action based on where they are currently at in the buying cycle. 

I wanted to spotlight a piece of that system that I have found brings an immense amount of conversions, but only when done right. 

If you follow up for the sake of just simply.... following up.. you come across as desperate or unprofessional. 

Hey Jim, just following up to see... if you're ready to make a decision. 

(That doesn't come off very professional)

When you take your list of folks you're following up with and put them inside what we call the VALUE VAULT, you are following up with purpose. Not just to... "check-in." 

Genie Rocket Follow up System

So here are the 10 categories that we recommend writing content for in the areas of follow-up. 

1. Deliver the Asset

Usually, when you generate a lead, you are giving SOMETHING in exchange for an email address, that could be a workbook, a video, a single page PDF, but you want to START with this lead magnet, and the first email they should get back is the thing that you promised. Pretty simple! 

(Thanks and credit to Donald Miller for this amazing insight from "Building a Story Brand")


2. Problem + Solution

The second email needs to push into the BIGGEST PROBLEM you are solving for your idea customers, and how them how your solution can solve that problem. 

3. Customer Testimonial

What others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. Get your best customer testimonial and put it front and center. 

4. Overcome an Objection

Write out your top 3 objections (maybe cost, time or quality) and choose the top objection, then right your best content that overcomes that common objection. 

5. Paradigm Shift

Get personal. Get vulnerable. Tell people a story of how you thought one way, then a big moment happened (epiphany) and you started thinking a new way, and how that helped you create this product or service, or somehow relate it back to why they should trust you. 

6. Sales Email

Be clear in this email that you have a solution to their problem, and you want them to buy it. 

7. Solve a Problem

Highlight another problem that your product or service solves, and show SPECIFICALLY how it solves that problem. 

8. Offer Value

Don't sell in this email, give away something for FREE that will help your dream customer achieve their hopes, goals, dreams, or desires. This builds trust and positions you as the EXPERT. 

9. Remind them YOU have a SOLUTION

Highlight your solution and remind them it solves a big problem. 

10. Send Customers BACK to your Website

This is your break-up email. I know it's sad, but all good things MUST come to an end. Point them back to your website or funnel if they didn't find what they were looking for. 

Now imagine just having to spend time to write this ONE TIME then having it on autopilot. So every time someone goes into your "VALUE VAULT" they get these emails, personalized with their name, sent to them automatically over the course of a couple weeks. 

You might have never had anyone on one contact with this person that came into your website or funnel while you were asleep, filled out a form, and is now getting amazing valuable content. 

By doing this you are: 

  • Disarming your prospect

  • Building trust

  • Sharing extreme value

  • Personalizing emails with their name


With Genie Rocket You Can Drag and Drop Leads into your FARM CLUB to Start the Automation! 


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Brad Parnell

I believe every business needs a clear message, an effective sales funnel, and ONE tool to manage it all! That tool is Genie Rocket. I help business builders learn how to get more leads and sales through easy marketing tips. I also like to hang with my awesome family, ride my Onewheel, drive my Jeep and have outdoor adventures!

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